Attorney Christopher Cessna discusses DUIs involving drugs.

If an officer pulls you over, many times he may think he just has an impaired driver because of alcohol, but officers now are highly trained to determine whether a driver is actually under the influence of drugs, even if alcohol is detected. These officers are called DRE's (Drug Recognition Experts). They're highly trained, but I know what they do, because I am also a trained DRE. These cases are not DUI cases, they're classified as driving under the influence of drug cases (or impaired driving). They're just as serious as a DUI case, but they take specialized expertise to defend them because of the vast scientific evidence that the government will try to prosecute you with.

If you have a case or you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs, you need to call my office. We can help you with this case. In fact, there are very few attorneys that even understand these cases. Call us, we can help you.