Attorney Profile: Christopher H. Cessna

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DUI Attorney, Christopher CessnaBefore law school, Mr. Cessna served as a law enforcement officer for ten years. During this time, he received formal training and experience in conducting DUI investigations through the administration of standardized field sobriety testing and the operation of the intoxilyzer 4011 and 5000.

In 1996, Chris was accepted into the University Of Denver College Of Law. During his law school tenure, Chris served as a law clerk to the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation. After his second year of law school Chris served as an intern deputy district attorney prosecuting traffic cases at trial, and was selected to research, write and submit an appellate brief to the Colorado Supreme Court for its deliberation and consideration on the admissibility of “Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus evidence in DUI cases”.

After graduating from law school in 1999, Chris was immediately hired as a full-time deputy district attorney prosecuting criminal cases and trying numerous jury trials involving complex scientific evidence such as breath, blood and other chemical tests.

In 2002, Chris opened his own private practice with a concentration on DUI defense and criminal law. Since that time, Chris’ litigation skills and understanding of the complexities of criminal offenses has resulted in obtaining dismissals of charges for his clients either during the pre-trial phase, motions phase or jury trial phase of a case.

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