Our Firm's Philosophy

Before He Was Your Denver DUI Attorney

Lawyers are no different than any other business that offers a service or product. So it is not uncommon for some lawyers to try and distinguish themselves from their competition and fill a unique niche or offer a service that is unlike all of the others. When Chris Cessna was employed as a DUI officer making numerous DUI arrests which required standardized field sobriety testing, blood testing and breath testing, he began to see how these tests could be jeopardized by poor police work or cutting corners.

This passion to protect the rights of criminal defendants is just one of the traits that distinguishes Chris Cessna from the other Denver DUI lawyers.

His Past as a Deputy District Attorney

After law school, while working as a deputy district attorney he met with numerous defense attorneys each day during the negotiations phase of a DUI case and soon came to realize that the vast majority of them were not well versed in how to challenge the scientific evidence (field sobriety tests, blood tests and breath tests) which the government had against their client and which he understood from his years of training and experience as a police officer could be flawed.

Mr. Cessna knew that the defense attorneys who didn't know how to impeach the government's scientific evidence didn't have much in the way of leverage during negotiations and therefore could not convince the district attorney to offer a better deal (plea bargain) or dismiss the case outright, nor did they stand much of a chance at trial if they had to take the case that far.

How We Distinguish Ourselves from Other Lawyers

When Mr. Cessna opened his own defense practice he knew that he would distinguish himself from the majority of other attorneys handling criminal cases by further focusing his practice on continually learning the best and most effective ways to beat the government's vast array of scientific evidence. As a result, for years Mr. Cessna has sought out and traveled to numerous hard to find, out-of-state, multi-day seminars focused on how to beat the government's scientific evidence.

Because such regular travel, cost of training, lodging, and time away from the office is a significant sacrifice in both time and money, very few attorneys like to make this investment in their skills and practice. Unfortunately, very few such specialized seminars come to Colorado, so Mr. Cessna spends about $15,000.00 - $20,000.00 in out-of-state training per year. But Mr. Cessna feels it is a necessary investment in order to properly defend his clients. And this constant training and learning has directly benefitted his clients over the years.

About Our Attorney Fees

We know that our fees are higher than most attorneys who handle DUI's and other criminal cases. This is because of the amount of investment that our attorney makes in each case. Our clients recognize the value of paying for a dedicated attorney who consistently improves his understanding of scientific evidence as opposed to paying less for an attorney who hasn't learned how to beat the government's evidence.

So be sure to compare the training and experience background of any attorney who you are considering at this very important time. Mr. Cessna freely and openly displays his training and experience so you as a consumer can make the best decision in who will fight for you. Then, call us at (303) 720-7280.