Choosing Your Attorney

Choosing an Attorney: Attorney Chris Cessna explains how his background and experience can ... Play Video
The DUI Process: Chrstopher Cessna discusses the two parts of the DUI process. Play Video

DUI Tests

Field Sobriety Tests: Attorney Chris Cessna speaks about the roadside tests you may be asked ... Play Video
Breath Test: Chris Cessna speaks about his background and training with the ... Play Video
Blood Tests: Attorney Christopher Cessna explains how he may be able to refute ... Play Video
Proving Faulty Test Results: Chris Cessna speaks about finding fault with machines used to ... Play Video

Drugs & DUI

DUI Involving Drugs: Attorney Christopher Cessna discusses DUIs involving drugs. Play Video

Accidents and DUI

DUI Involving an Accident: Attorney Chris Cessna discusses the seriousness of an auto accident ... Play Video

Your Driver's License

Saving Your Driver's License: Attorney Christopher Cessna speaks about license suspensions due to ... Play Video
Provisional License: Mr. Cessna explains provisional driver's licenses or PDLs. Play Video