I Was Arrested for DUI - Should I Accept a Plea Bargain?

I Was Arrested for DUI - Should I Accept a Plea Bargain?

You have been arrested for DUI. Now what should you do? Should you accept a plea bargain? Is the evidence the District Attorney has gathered against you enough to warrant a conviction? Is there any way to avoid facing severe charges and penalties? If you have been arrested for DUI, the first thing you need to do is hire a skilled lawyer to zealously defend your rights. Do not accept a plea bargain, no matter how good the offer may appear, without first speaking to your attorney. Never plead guilty to a drunk driving offense. It does not matter how much evidence the District Attorney or someone from that office states they have been able to gather against you.

There are many ways to successfully challenge this type of arrest, and a Denver DUI lawyer from our firm will work diligently to help you do just that.

The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna has been providing legal representation and counsel to those individuals residing in and around the Denver area for decades. The focus of his firm is on DUI defense and, as a certified DUI specialist, he is more than qualified to represent all types of DUI cases. In these types of cases, the burden of proof lies with the District Attorney's Office. If the prosecution is unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your arrest, they will have no other option than to dismiss your case.

Challenging the arrest procedure or the validity of blood and breath tests, or showing clear evidence that your rights were violated at any point during the arrest process, can be an effective way to get the evidence in your case suppressed. Even if your case goes to court, he will be able to use his 20 years of DUI experience, and the knowledge he gathered while working as a Deputy District Attorney, to help you obtain an acquittal at trial. There is no reason to throw away your rights when he and his firm stand ready to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

If you are wondering whether or not accepting a plea bargain may be in your best interests, contact his firm first so that he can advise you of your rights.