Is Your DMV Hearing Officer Actually Unbiased?

Is Your DMV Hearing Officer Actually Unbiased?

Recently, it came to light that a list of offensive passwords has been circulating around the DMV division for several years—some of which read, "URSkrood" and "UrProblm." Now, the Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles has launched an investigation to determine whether or not these offensive computer log-ins are the source of a bigger problem: biased DMV hearing officers. When your license is suspended in the state of Colorado, either for DUI or another criminal traffic offense, you must schedule a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. At this hearing, a supposedly neutral officer will hear your case and make a determination about the future of your driving privileges.

Now, many are left wondering whether or not the officers who are overseeing these hearings are actually unbiased. According to one defense attorney, Gary Pirosko, many of these officers are of the mindset, "We don't care what your defense is. We don't care whether the person is innocent or not. We're taking your license." In the face of these allegations, Chief Hearing Officer Michael Williams has contested that "there is no tolerance for a lack of fairness of neutrality" at the DMV; however, many are starting to think otherwise after skimming through some of the highly offensive computer passwords that were recently released. While the list is extensive, some of them read:

  • PDL?NOT! (Probationary Driver's License? Not!)
  • GtANuJob (Get a New Job)
  • CryMrRvr (Cry Me a River)
  • 12ptGonr (12-Point Goner)
  • 2Bad4Kdz (Too Bad for Kids)
  • ThrzNoWy (There's No Way)
  • WtCnIDo (What Can I Do?)

Fortunately, the increased scrutiny that the DMV is currently facing should prompt change within the department—if, in fact, the allegations are true. If you or someone you love was recently arrested for DUI, it is still important to get in touch with a Denver DUI lawyer. With more than 20 years of experience as a former DUI police officer and Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Cessna knows what it takes to present a successful case in both a DMV hearing and criminal court. Call today at (303) 720-7280 for a free consultation.

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