Tips to Avoid a BUI This Summer

Tips to Avoid a BUI This Summer

Summer is here and the vacations are beginning. If you’re like so many others in Denver, you believe no summer is complete without a boating trip somewhere in there. Maybe you’ve reserved time at Cherry Creek or have a boat down at the Chatfield Marina? Either way, you are certainly looking forward to the good times ahead – the sun, a fishing rod, and some brews.

One of the fastest ways to end your fun and spoil your summer vacation, however, is to get slapped with a serious boating under the influence (BUI) ticket. Law enforcement considers this violation as serious as a DUI, if not more so, and are sure to try to punish you with the strictest penalties around.

In order to prevent yourself from getting a BUI, always keep these five helpful tips in mind:

1.) DB: Just like when you go to a bar to have a drink with your friends and assign a DD, you should always choose a designated boater when you’re over the water. The DB shouldn’t have even a sip, as the precision required to safely steer a boat can exceed that needed to operate a car.

2.) Don’t forget the snacks: Other than alcohol, be sure to pack plenty of treats and water for your boat trip. Even with sunscreen and a canopy, you’re sure to get real thirsty and hungry when over the water and under the sun.

3.) Picnic on the docks: If you’re the DB and want to partake in the activities, secure some time on the dock or at a nearby picnic area and end your outing there. That way you can enjoy some drinks without the inherit dangers of BUIs.

4.) Safety first: Always insist that your passengers wear their life preservers and safety vests when aboard your vessel. This wise practice is all the more beneficial when people have been drinking, as they can easily stumble and fall overboard.

5.) Spread the word: You’re sure to not be the only boat out on the water for a good summer getaway. If you come across other boaters on the docks, remind them that boating while intoxicated puts everyone in serious danger and share these helpful tips with them. You’ll be glad you did!

If you have been ticketed for boating under the influence, you have legal remedies available to fight the charge against you. You don’t have to sit and accept it. With a knowledgeable Denver DUI defense attorney from The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna, you can challenge all charges with the goal to have the case dismissed or to get the penalties minimized. Chris Cessna has more than 20 years of experience focusing on cases involving intoxication claims, including DUIs, BUIs, and DUI with drugs.

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