Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your DUI Attorney

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your DUI Attorney

When you are facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI), there is so much on the line. If convicted, you could lose hundreds or thousands in fines, spend months or years in jail, and also lose your driver’s license. Hiring the first DUI defense attorney you find can be a real gamble. It is for your best interests that you do your homework and ask a few important questions before retaining their services.

1.) What do your past clients have to say about you? Many lawyers won’t know how to answer this. Getting feedback from their clients is probably one of the last things on their mind, or they don’t have any good reviews to share with you. You should find a DUI defense attorney with a great record of client testimonials.

2.) Are DUI cases your practice’s main focus? It is incredibly common for lawyers to try to pick up cases in just about every legal field – from DUIs to medical malpractice to probate law. While this could be good for them, it is not good for your odds. If you need to be defended during your DUI case, you need a DUI defense attorney who only works with such charges.

3.) How long has it been since you won a DUI case? You should be listening for a “recent” winning case. If the DUI defense attorney you are interviewing doesn’t seem to take DUI cases very often, or hasn’t had any winning results in a while, it could be a red flag. Try to retain the help of an attorney with current experience and a certain degree of confidence.

4.) Do you have any formal training in blood testing? DUI charges can be dismantled and dismissed based entirely on blood test results, but an inexperienced DUI defense attorney will not be able to distinguish shoddy results from accurate ones. Retain a lawyer who has personal certification and training to use and understand blood testing equipment.

5.) What are your attorney fees? Many attorneys might work for a high, flat fee without any justification for that price. When your future wellbeing is at stake, you won’t want to simply find the cheapest services, either, as it is indicative of their level of expertise. Find an experienced DUI defense lawyer who can justify the prices for their services.

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