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Domestic Violence

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    Domestic Violence Lawyer in Denver

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    Domestic violence is defined as any act, attempted act, or threatened act of violence or harassment against an individual with whom the offender has a close relationship. This could include a spouse, child, former roommate, or intimate partner. If you were arrested and charged with domestic violence, the penalties can be severe and difficult to recover from.

    A conviction can result in all of the following penalties:

    • Protective orders issued against you
    • At least 36 hours of domestic violence education and treatment
    • Incarceration
    • Restitution to the victim

    Simply put, such charges should not be taken lightly. Your future hangs in the balance and requires the assistance of an aggressive domestic violence attorney. Chris Cessna has been representing accused individuals in Denver for over 20 years, all the while maintaining a track record of success. He would be honored to defend you and fight your charges.

    Understanding the Consequences of a Protective Order

    A protective order can be issued against the accused offender even before they are convicted for domestic violence. The order can be temporary, permanent, or based on an emergency situation, but all have serious consequences, often impacting the basic freedoms of the accused. Based on the details of the offense, a protective order can:
    • Order the abuser to stop contacting the victims
    • Order the abuser to move out of their home
    • Remove all child custody rights from the abuser
    • Require the abuser to surrender their right to bear firearms
    • Order the abuser to continue making child support or alimony payments
    It can be devastating to consider dealing with such harsh restrictions, particularly when your relationship with your loved ones is on the line. Mr. Cessna wants to ensure that you are given the right to a fair trial and can prepare the strong case you need in a court of law. Don’t let domestic violence charges destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Schedule your free consultation with The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna today to receive counsel from a Denver domestic violence lawyer!