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Cross-Examination of a Police Officer

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A DUI trial is a major legal event, and it should never be considered to be minor. If convicted, it will remain on your Colorado driving record for the rest of your life. Officer writing a ticket

Many people, both defendants and their legal counsel, make the mistake of assuming their case cannot be won, or they do not take advantage of flaws or errors in the case or police procedure to weaken the case that is presented by the prosecutor.

Attorney Chris Cessna has the cross-examination skills that have proven to be extremely valuable at trial, particularly in the case of getting the facts from the officers who were present at the scene when you were arrested.

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Benefit of Cross Examination

The most effective way to present a case for your innocence in court is through cross-examination of the officers involved. There are a large number of mistakes that could have been made from the moment the officer pulled you over until the case goes to trial.

If the officer failed to follow the proper protocol in Colorado for administering a field sobriety test, or pulled you over without reasonable suspicion that you were driving drunk, you may have been arrested without probable cause.

The chemical testing may have been performed incorrectly, leading to results that cannot be trusted for accuracy.

If there were unusual factors at the scene which might have impacted the process such as:

  • An obstructed view
  • Heavy traffic noise
  • Extremely windy roads

These factors will be addressed when questioning the officer's statements against you and presenting your DUI defense. Cross examination of police officers is a major tool for your Denver DUI lawyer - make sure your attorney has the experience and skills to make the most of this opportunity.

Hire an Attorney Who Understands Police Cross-Examination

Remember, you don't need to prove your innocence. You only need to put enough holes in the case against you - the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. But if you don't hire an attorney with extensive experience in DUI cases and police cross-examination techniques, you may not be able to take advantage of any weaknesses in police procedures and the evidence against you.

The police make errors, and if this happened to you, this must be brought to the attention of the court. Attorney Chris Cessna has helped people in your situation to avoid conviction, and to successfully defend against the DUI charges. When your future freedom and ability to drive legally is at risk, you need an attorney that has proven success in police cross-examination.

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