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We Are Passionate About Protecting Your Rights

Our Firm's Philosophy

Before He Was Your Denver DUI Attorney

As a former law enforcement officer Attorney Cessna observed the various loopholes that exist in administering various types of DUI tests, such as: the standardized field sobriety test, blood test, and breath test. The results can always be compromised by an officer doing a poor job administering the test, or by an officer not understanding the nuances of the tests.

Fortunately, attorney Cessna is here for you, he fully understands the nuances and practices law enforcement officials use when administering DUI tests. Allow him to put that knowledge to work for you.

This passion to protect the rights of criminal defendants is just one of the traits that distinguishes Chris Cessna from the other Denver DUI lawyers.

His Past as a Deputy District Attorney

Following attorney Cessna's graduation from law school, he found himself working as a Deputy District Attorney. In the years that followed his appointment, he began to notice many defense attorneys were not familiar with the procedure that comes with DUI field testing. As a result of this, attorney Cessna was able to fully take advantage of other defense attorney's lack of knowledge and experience to create a solid prosecution case.

Mr. Cessna knew that the defense attorneys who didn't know how to impeach the government's scientific evidence didn't have much in the way of leverage during negotiations and therefore could not convince the district attorney to offer a better deal (plea bargain) or dismiss the case outright, nor did they stand much of a chance at trial if they had to take the case that far.

How We Distinguish Ourselves from Other Lawyers

Mr. Cessna opened his own defense practice as a way to help individuals in ways that he saw other defense attorneys fail. He distinguishes himself from other attorneys by focusing his practice scientific evidence. As a practicing attorney he firmly believes this is the best way to achieve his client's goals. As a result, for years Mr. Cessna has sought out and traveled to numerous seminars focused on beating the government's scientific evidence.

This is an investment that many attorneys don't make because of the costly nature of traveling and seminar expenses. Unfortunately, very few of these specialized seminars come to Colorado, so Mr. Cessna spends about $15,000.00 - $20,000.00 in out-of-state training per year. Regardless, Mr. Cessna knows it is a necessary investment so that he can serve in the best interests of his clients.

About Our Attorney Fees

We know that our fees are higher than most attorneys who handle DUI's and other criminal cases. This is because of the amount of investment that our attorney makes in each case. Our clients recognize the value of paying for a dedicated attorney who consistently improves his understanding of scientific evidence as opposed to paying less for an attorney who hasn't learned how to beat the government's evidence.

So be sure to compare the training and experience background of any attorney who you are considering at this very important time. Mr. Cessna freely and openly displays his training and experience so you as a consumer can make the best decision in who will fight for you.

Call us today at (303) 720-7280.

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  • “Completely honest attorney.”

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  • “Hiring Chris Cessna was the best decision I could have made.”

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  • “I have never worked with a more professional attorney.”

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  • “I found my experience with you to be exceptional.”

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  • “Thank you for all the support, hard work and genuine care for my son!”

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  • “He traveled to Kansas from Denver to assist us in this case.”

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  • “No other attorney would have been able to do what you did.”

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Get the Experience of Attorney Chris Cessna On Your Side

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  • Over 20 Years of Experience

  • Each Case Handled With Personalized Service

  • NHTSA Certified Instructor in Field Sobriety Tests

  • Former Law Enforcement Officer and Prosecutor