Case Results

Attorney Chris Cessna has a track record of success, as a former law enforcement officer and prosecutor he has the experience to get you the results you need when it comes to your criminal defense. With more than 20 years of experience attorney Chris Cessna handles each case with a unique and personalized defense. Check out our past client's case results and know that he will do everything possible to fight for your rights. Contact us today and speak with attorney Chris Cessna to review options regarding your criminal case.
  • Full Acquittal
    .185 BAC After client fires first attorney and later hires Mr. Cessna, Mr. Cessna gets the jury to acquit his client at trial despite a .185 BAC blood test, failed field sobriety tests and admission to drinking after police find liquor bottle in vehicle.
  • Case Dismissed
    .285 BAC After causing a severe T-bone accident, client consents to a blood test, which later comes back at .285 BAC. Mr. Cessna gets the entire case dismissed at the motions hearing after the judge agrees to grant his motions to suppress all evidence.
  • Trial Won
    Boating Under the Influence An out of state client was arrested on Lake Powell in Utah for boating under the influence; he had hired Mr. Cessna to represent him. Attorney Christopher H. Cessna was waived as pro hac vice (an attorney allowed to participate in a case out of his jurisdiction). After two months of negotiations, the county refused to give the client a deal. However, despite the over-zealous arguments from the prosecutor, the legal team managed to bar the expert from taking the stand (a fatal blow to the case), and they were able to show that the prosecutor had failed to prove jurisdiction. After convincing the judge that the prosecutor hadn't proven jurisdiction, the trial was won!
  • Case Dismissed, Full Driving Privileges Returned
    DMV License Hearing At DMV license hearing concerning a felony vehicular assault, Mr. Cessna convinces DMV hearing officer to dismiss the case and return the client's full driving privileges despite the police forcing the client to submit to multiple blood draws against her will - all of which resulted in BACs above the legal limit.
  • Motion to Suppress all Evidence Granted
    DUI Case Client's motion to suppress all evidence in a DUI case is granted after Mr. Cessna convinces the Court through legal arguments and appellate case law that the evidence is constitutionally inadmissible.
  • Not Guilty Except Speeding Infraction
    DUI Case Client stopped for speeding on New Year's Eve. Trooper observed several indicia of impaired driving and according to the trooper failed all of the field sobriety tests and arrested Mr. Cessna's client. The client subsequently refused a chemical test of his blood or breath. Mr. Cessna's client elected to fight this case all the way through trial. At the end of the two-day trial, Mr. Cessna convinced the jury to find his client not guilty on all charges except for the infraction of speeding which Mr. Cessna conceded in closing arguments.
  • All Evidence Thrown Out
    DUI Case The Court throws out all evidence against Mr. Cessna's female client after cross-examination of the arresting State Trooper, and subsequent legal arguments by Mr. Cessna convince the judge that the prosecution had not met their burden of proof to justify the DUI arrest. The Court threw out all evidence despite the Trooper having to throw the client to the ground due to her being so uncooperative during the traffic stop.
  • Case Dismissed
    DUI Case Judge suppresses all evidence of field sobriety tests after Mr. Cessna's cross-examination of the arresting officer, and subsequent legal arguments to the Court convince the judge that evidence was obtained in violation of the Constitution. The deputy district attorney then dismisses the case.
  • Only 1 Guilty Plea to a Traffic Infraction
    DUI Case Due to flaws in the blood test evidence, Mr. Cessna persuades DA to allow Client to plead guilty to only a traffic infraction despite the officer observing the Client to run numerous stop signs and driving on the sidewalk, including a subsequent blood draw being above the legal limit.
  • Client Pleads Only to Careless Driving
    DUI Case Despite a .109 breath test and numerous other indicia of observed impairment, Mr. Cessna obtains a plea to the traffic infraction of Careless Driving after the DA cannot meet their burden of proof at a motions hearing.
  • Deferred Sentence
    DUI Case in Wyoming Retained to fight a DUI in Wyoming, Mr. Cessna was admitted to the Wyoming Bar for the purposes of litigating this one case (admitted pro hac vice). After months of negotiating with the DA, Mr. Cessna convinces the DA to offer a Deferred Sentence to his client – which means all charges can be completely dismissed in one year.
  • Deferred Sentence
    DUI Charge After cross examining the arresting officers at a motions hearing, and persuading the judge to suppress all field sobriety test evidence, the DA offers Mr. Cessna's client (who had a prior DUI conviction) a deferred sentence, thus allowing all of the DUI charges to later be dismissed if the client completes certain court ordered terms successfully.
  • DUID Case Dismissed
    DUID Case Client who was arrested after an auto accident where marijuana was found in his possession, he admitted to smoking marijuana, and THC was later found to be in his blood, had his DUID case dismissed after Mr. Cessna cross examined the arresting officers at a motions hearing and persuaded the judge to suppress all evidence in the matter.
  • Not Guilty
    Impaired Driving Client rear-ended another vehicle on the interstate twice. When police arrive, client falls out of SUV and almost fell again into trooper's arms. Client admits to taking prescription anti-depressants before driving and is highly disoriented. Subsequent field testing by trooper and later by a drug recognition expert show client to be highly impaired on drugs. Blood test confirm very high levels of CSN Depressants outside of normal prescription ranges. Because client was on his 3rd DUI, and looking at two years in jail, he had to fight it all the way through trial. By the end of the 3-day trial, Mr. Cessna convinced the jury to find his client not guilty on all impaired driving counts. Client only had to pay a $100 fine for careless driving and walked free out of courtroom.
  • Acquitted by Jury
    Third DUI Offense Client who was facing a full year in jail for his third DUI is acquitted by a jury. Mr. Cessna gets the acquittal on all DUI charges despite a police video showing bad driving, failed sobriety tests, and a blood test above the legal limit.
  • Case Dismissed
    Third DUI Offense After cross examination of the arresting officer reveals possible tampering with the breath test results, the judge reverses her prior ruling denying Mr. Cessna's request for specific breath test documents, and orders the DA to now provide previously requested breath test documents. Instead of turning over the Court ordered breath test documents, the DA wisely dismisses the case after insisting for months that Mr. Cessna's client do a full year in jail for his third DUI offense.
  • Not Guilty on All Charges
    Trail Case Jury returns "Not Guilty" verdicts on all charges after Mr. Cessna exposes the government witness's lack of credibility during cross-examination.
  • Case Dismissed
    Trail Case Client's case was dismissed after Mr. Cessna discovered through his investigation that the one civilian witness the prosecutor needed to convict his client had, a year earlier pled guilty to providing "False Information to Police," thus convincing the prosecutor that their main witness was not reliable and not credible, and would be thoroughly impeached in front of the jury if she took the stand.