Words cannot express how grateful I am for placing my case in your hands. 

When I began looking for lawyers to defend me on my DUI charge I really felt like any light at the end of the tunnel was beginning to disappear until my family and I met with Chris. Even though the initial meeting with him was supposed to be about the process and not focused on how to fight the charge my family and I left with much more knowledge and answers to questions we didn't even know we had, making it apparent to us we had found the right lawyer. Chris said he would do everything he could to defend me against the charge and stuck to his word every step of the way while keeping us informed of every action he was taking and every decision being made. I had never felt so much relief in my life until the day the case was dismissed. I can't imagine how things would have impacted my life if I had not placed my future in Chris' hands, and for that I have an infinite amount of gratitude towards him. 

- A completely satisfied client who's BAC was a .280.  

On the day of my motions hearing, I watched two respected, competent, and very self-assured police officers all but crumble under the pressure of Chris' line of questioning and defense strategy. The district attorneys only witnesses testimonies were reduced to stuttering and stammering incompetence on the stand in the wake of Chris' calculated uncovering of their lack of DUI law knowledge and their unethical practices in the field. The judge suppressed all relevant evidence gathered by these officers. Subsequently, the D.A.'s office was left with no choice but to volunteer an unconventional and highly desirable offer. Without Chris, the testimony would have been admitted as evidence and seen at trial as my word against that of two well established officers of the law. As a young professional, this win weighs heavily for my ability to move forward with my life, career, and goals. For this reason I will always be indebted to Chris for his hard work.  

-A Satisfied Client 

Mr. Cessna was absolutely professional and knows everything to know about the law. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is going through a DUI or DUR charge. I’m grateful he was my lawyer and advised me all the way through to the end. Chris can help you tremendously through your difficult time and work hard to give you excellent service. I will be forever grateful for him. 

-A Satisfied Client  

I was arrested for DUI suspicion; blood results a month later came back at three times the legal limit. Because of Mr. Cessna’s absolute knowledge of law, the DUI charges (both administrative and court) were dismissed. If you are facing a DUI, please visit www.cessnalaw.com  and read the testimonials. For any DUI suspicion, you need professional representation--  the best out there is Chris Cessna.  

-Another Satisfied Client  


I wanted to thank you for the gift of minimal to no legal repercussions on my DUI case. I was so thankful for your enthusiasm towards my case, and am indebted to your for what that and your dedications achieved in court. It was a pleasure working with you, and I will gladly recommend you to anyone needing similar help. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Mr. Cessna, 

Thank you again so much for all of the hard work and time that you put into my case and trial.  We obviously couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and we were very impressed with your professionalism and presence in the courtroom.   Thanks for everything, we will definitely pass your name along and we look forward to seeing you at the (restaurant) with your family! 

-A Satisfied Client and his wife  

I was very stressed and was not sure what to do. I called Cessna Law Office and spoke with Kimberly. She was very professional and made me feel at ease.  She said she would have Chris call me to discuss my case.  I was in good hands with Cessna Law. Attorney Chris called me and we discussed my case.  I was charged with DUI and other charges.  He was very professional and got all the details of my charges. The best decision I made was to hire Chris Cessna to represent me in court. He is an attorney I would hire again.  

Chris got the DUI and other charges dismissed, was only charged with a couple traffic violations.  Thank you so much!!!!!!" 

- A Satisfied Client 


We just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. We will forever be thankful for all your hard work and that of Hayley’s also. You are truly an intelligent and remarkable man, as well as generous. I will truly be indebted to you for helping me overcome this travesty of justice. Thanks also for listening so thoughtfully while I whined and moaned over the frustration of the entire situation. Your time and effort is so appreciated. God Bless you Chris and Hayley, God Bless you both. 

- Satisfied husband and wife clients, after Mr. Cessna was able to get two of her DUI cases dismissed, and the husband’s felony assault case dismissed. 

Chris worked with me during a difficult time. He was so knowledgeable, helpful, patient with explaining how the whole process works, and well networked throughout the CO legal system which turned out to be very beneficial. I highly recommend working with him, he will do everything he can to make sure you have the most positive experience in a really challenging situation. His extensive and lengthy background coupled with his compassion and commitment to helping people are why he's the best. 

- A Satisfied Client 

What a client deserves in exchange for the cost of good representation is a trial attorney whose reputation spans decades and across hundreds of miles of distance. In my experience Chris Cessna's presence in two separate cases, taking place in two counties, in different areas and cultures here in Colorado, was the difference between inevitable jail time and an end result of wiping my record clean. There is no better service of instilling confidence for a defendant than when a judge and team of district attorneys knows your lawyers name and scope of expertise before you ever step foot in the courtroom.  

- A Satisfied Client after Mr. Cessna won her DUI case at a motions hearing.  

My experience with Mr. Cessna made a difficult time much smoother. He was always available to answer my barrage of questions. It was very clear his years of experience makes him one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the Denver metro. I would recommend Mr. Cessna to anyone that wants an involved lawyer that is always available to answer questions. 

-A Satisfied Client 


I would like to send you a sincere note of appreciation for all you did for my son!  After a year and a half of waiting, I heard that you shined in court.  A friend of mines, son, who is an, attorney in Salida, CO, informed us you were the best, as long as the incident did not occur in Weld County!  You did it anyway!  Bless you Chris!

-A Satisfied Client’s Mother 

Chris was EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the Colorado laws from his previous experiences and current field training in my particular case. He took the time to make sure each decision was well informed, and letting me know of each side of potential outcomes within each stage of the process. I was fortunate enough to win my case as Chris took the time to pick apart the prosecution and their errors. I highly recommend Chris for your case if you are ever in the situation. 

- A Satisfied Client who had his DUI dismissed. 


This being my first experience dealing with a legal issue, I was very fearful and nervous to be facing DUI charges.  I felt much better after speaking with you.  Your background and experience with the law helped to put my mind at ease and focus on the details of the case.  You gave me sound advice throughout the process.  Without your diligence and willingness to comb through the details, I know the outcome would have not been favorable.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into defending me.  With your hard work my charges were dismissed and I could not be happier.  Even the DA’s Office of Weld County knows how “good” you are.  I could not help but smile when I heard the DA tell the peace office that Mr. Cessna “is on the ball and knows his stuff”.  The DA could not have been more correct!  You are hands down the best DUI lawyer and you truly care about the clients you serve.  I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs legal assistance.  Thank you again for all you have done on my behalf. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris - I cannot thank you enough, you saved my ability to have my kids that are into the outdoors and most importantly Good citizens. You pointed out I am a good person to the court and it was with your good kind heart and outstanding demeanor that the courts agreed. I can never repay you for what you did, but I will 100% be devoted to anything that will help your business. 

-A Satisfied Client 

I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for what you have done for me.  Joining the Coast Guard wasn’t even part of my case.  You found that out on your own when you took the time to get to know a little about me.  Not as a client, but because you wanted to.  Then you went out of your way and didn’t just fight my case; you fought it with my future as your top priority.  My son and I did not have six months to wait for our lives to get on track.  You made it possible so that we did not have to wait, and my goal of joining the Coast Guard could begin right away.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Dear Chris, 

I am writing this for two reasons; 

First, to thank you for your skillful representation. Your artful cross examination proved to be the keystone for dismissal of charges against me. I cannot thank you enough for removing the anguish of having several charges looming over me. I feel very fortunate to have found you when I did 

The second reason is to offer a testimonial to the expert legal services that you provide to your clients. My first reaction was to hire one of the heavily marketed firms that specialize in DUI charges. After two meetings and several thousand dollars I came to the conclusion that their heart wasn't in it, and a friend referred me to Mr. Cessna. Without making this too long, Chris has passion, he calmly and boldly cross-examined the arresting officer into a corner and my charges were dismissed at the motions hearing. I don't believe there are many attorneys out there that could of handled it as well. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Cessna to anyone who needs an experienced and adept attorney. 


-An extremely grateful client 

Hello Chris & Shelly, 

Hope you are both doing well. Circumstances have certainly gotten better since the dismissal of the charges. It was a surreal moment when the case was dismissed and I know that nothing short of a miracle took place. I really want to thank you both for your support throughout this case. Initially, we consulted with three other lawyers before meeting with you and making our final decision. Chris, I have to say that during our initial meeting, I felt a sense of ease as you listened to our case and explained to us in detail the legal aspects of Josh's case, the steps involved with a DUI and the ramifications specific to Colorado law. You answered every question we asked of you and broke down the legal terminology in examples that we could better understand how it related to the charges. You kept us up to date with the process, and Shelley called (my son) before every event as a reminder. You patiently allayed my concerns and episodes of panic as a mother, answering questions, sometime more than once. You never promised us anything, but instead, gave us realistic options. There were moments where (the father) and I were thinking of just the here and now, but with your experience in these situations coupled with wanting to do what was best for (our son), we prevailed.  If we ever hear of anyone in need of a DUI attorney we can genuinely say we know of an experienced and caring lawyer. 

Thank you both again for your guidance through this ordeal.  

- The mother of a client who had a .285 BAC. 

Hi Chris, 

For whatever my opinion is worth, I think it says a lot about your character that you would recognize the need to get someone like (named expert) on this case.  It is inspiring to see someone so clearly put the needs of the client above personal gain.   

(In an email from a fellow attorney when she learned that Mr. Cessna had given away over $20,000 of his own attorney’s fees in order to bring on a highly specialized expert who ended up winning this very serious felony case and kept this client from spending many years in prison). 

-The Father of young man charged with a very serious felony 

Hayley (Mr. Cessna’s Paralegal), 

I just wanted to let you know that Chris did a wonderful job in representing my interests over the past 10 months.  I really could not have asked for better legal counsel and am very happy with his services and the outcome.  He is a very skilled attorney in his chosen area of focus and I will recommend him to anyone who faces the same disposition as myself. 

Please pass on my gratitude to Chris (I would thank him via email but don't really have his email) and my best regards to his continued success.  I thanked him in person, but feel it is necessary to thank him one last time.   

Also, if Chris is ever interested in trying to get individuals together for some type of action against the Colorado DMV, I would be more than happy to contribute both financially and personally.  The "unprotected" class in this state needs to have a voice and the DMV is not playing fair at the moment.  I don't imagine that will end until someone finds a way to get them into a real court of law. 

- A Satisfied Client (after our office obtained a dismissal of his third DUI) 

“(Chris Cessna) is a great cross-examiner and expert DUI attorney.” 

- Elected District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District, George Brauchler, in his closing argument to a jury. 


Thank you again for the amazing defense you put up, and the deal we reached. It was nothing short of a miracle. 

After researching several lawyers, many conference calls, and reading of other client testimonials I decided that Chris Cessna was my best option. He was the one lawyer who told you how it was, no fluff, no empty promises; unlike the others who rambled on about themselves and how many years they have been in practice, how many cases they won etc.  Not Chris, he took the time and had a sensitive ear to my story, to my circumstances and wanted to see what he could do to help me get through this. He didn't treat my case like it was a "cookie cutter" just like all the rest. Because when it comes down to it, they are all different, your case may be similar to mine but depending on who upset the DA that morning or who made the judge mad that day can mean all the difference in the world, so having a lawyer on your side who understands your case and what it means to you to have a good outcome gives a sense of comfort as you go through this horrible ordeal in your life. I'm not going to say it was easy or not stressful but Chris helped make it better. His vast knowledge of the court systems, current DUI laws and his ability to think outside of the box helped me to get my DUI charge dismissed. It was the best news I could have hoped for as it meant I could keep my job and still provide for my family. I am forever grateful for his help in getting me a great outcome to my case.  

- A Satisfied Client 

Mr Cessna  

I don’t have enough words to properly express my extreme gratitude regarding my unique case and your applied skill – training – experience and knowledge of the law. I am in debt to you as my career would have been nothing short of  “over” upon conviction, I made a huge mistake, but your persistence – focus and listening to my concerns was nothing short of brilliant. I have never been afraid of spending money on quality and in this case I absolutely got what I paid for. You were always very clear – straightforward with your plans regarding my case and never over committed to anything. I am very grateful and would recommend your services at any time this type of discussion was brought up. Thank you again. 

- A Satisfied Client, after a jury acquitted him on all DUI counts. 

Chris & Hayley, 

Thank you so much for everything.  If I know anyone who needs legal help, you will be the first person they call.  I can’t thank you enough!  Best wishes to you both! 

-A Satisfied Client (after getting her third DUI dismissed) 

I want to thank you for the fine service that you provided for my son.  Everything you did was of the highest quality, and we are deeply appreciative that you were able to help us in a time of need.  I would and will recommend your services to anyone and will certainly call upon you again if the need arises.   

-A Satisfied Client on behalf of his son 

I would like to thank you for a job well done.  Good job.  I’m so happy.  Excellent job. 

-A Satisfied Client (after his case was dismissed at trial) 

This note comes to express my gratitude to you for your kindness.  Thank you for taking care of the matter for (my grandson).  Considering what you saved him from, he seems to be looking at life a lot differently now.  Thanks for everything.  

-The Grandmother of a Satisfied Client  

I was so relived with the outcome.  This is what I asked of you from the initial consultation.  I felt very good about how you put my legal defense and it showed up aggressively in court.  Thanks.

-A Satisfied Client  

Thank you for help in this situation.  You have been professional, but approachable.  I would recommend you to friends without hesitation.   

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris Cessna was an informative lawyer.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thank you for your help.  

-A Satisfied Client  

Chris, thanks again for working with my financial situation.  It was much appreciated. 

-A Satisfied Client  

Chris, thanks for everything you did for me.  I really appreciate it.   

-A Satisfied Client 

Thanks for all the help and honest thoughts on my case.  Your honest opinions helped me to make correct decisions. 

-A Satisfied Client  

Thanks for all of your help.  Your professional attitude mixed with compassion for my anxiety made a difficult time easier.  I never had any doubts or concerns trusting you with my case and I feel the outcome was reasonable and fair.  I would recommend your services to anyone.  Thanks Chris! 

-A Satisfied Client  

Chris. I have been very impressed with you.  I feel that you are an excellent attorney and if I am in need of legal advice in the future, I will definitely retain you again. 

-A Satisfied Client 

You did a great job.  Thanks. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Thank you very much (for getting my DUI dismissed).  

-A Satisfied Client 

You were great Chris.   

-A Satisfied Client 

I do appreciate everything you did for me.  You took my case more seriously than I did.  Thank you for all of your help. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris was very professional and helpful in traveling to Kansas from Denver to assist us in this case.  Great job. 

-A Satisfied Client 

Not an experience I would ever want to relive, but you helped make it easier to get through.  Thanks! 

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris is an awesome lawyer and takes all of his cases seriously.  I would definitely use him (again) in the future.  

-A Satisfied Client 

We would like to let you know that we appreciate all you’ve done for us.  Thanks again for all you’ve done! 

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris, as you know I found my experience with you to be exceptional.  You were so approachable.  Thanks again for all of the work on my behalf! 

-A Satisfied Client 

Thanks for your help.  Your knowledge of traffic law made all the difference.   

-A Satisfied Client 

Please accept my thanks for the way you treated me and handled my legal problem.  It’s a pleasure to have someone to call when I need legal help.   

-A Satisfied Client 

Chris is a very good attorney.  He is also very personable and truly cares about the people he defends. 

-A Satisfied Client  (after getting both his DUI and BUI cases dismissed) 

Honestly, I feel that you were a great lawyer.  You got everything I needed taken care of quickly (getting my charges dismissed).   

-A Satisfied Client 

I was completely satisfied with the representation, and you achieved the results I sought.  

-A Satisfied Client 

Dear Chris, 

You are an angel. Thank you. 

Hire Mr. Cessna. He paved the path to my freedom in countless ways.  

My story…I was arrested in my driveway. I was having the most horrific day in one of the most horrific times of my life and needed to get out of the house. I had consumed a few glasses of wine over a two hour period. It was snowing so didn’t go for a walk…got in my car instead and parked about six houses away from my own  to call a friend. As my friend and I were chatting,  my neighbors called the police on a “suspicious vehicle” parked in the neighborhood.   The police showed up just as I was pulling away to return home. (I did not see them.) 

The police activated their lights, which scared me immeasurably as it was incredibly dark. I jerked into my cul-de-sac, parked in my driveway, and then…the absolute hell began. And my three children got to witness all of it. 

Within three minutes my license was taken and I was in handcuffs. I begged to use my own restroom (seven times on the police cam) so that I could complete the roadside test but the JeffCo police would not release me. I agreed to go to the station to do a blood draw…hoping maybe they would let me use the restroom at the station once we got there.  I was wrong.   

I waited 45 minutes before the EMT was available to take the blood draw. I was then able to use the restroom in the booking area. Then, the mug shot and other paperwork were done.  

The day after I was arrested I contacted a few lawyers who, gut feel, made me feel like I was already a criminal for just getting arrested. (I don’t have a previous DUI.) Somehow I was lucky enough to land on Mr. Cessna’s webpage …. Mr. Cessna is a former policer officer. As a lawyer, he cut his teeth in the DA’s office. He has been a successful and specialized DUI lawyer for almost two decades. He is the real deal.  And that real deal Mr. Cessna texted me as soon as he got my web inquiry and called me when we both could talk. I knew from the instant I talked to him that he was going to help me and would not sugar-coat or BS me.  

The DUI process is not quick. I waited a month to get the BAC results and there were absolutely terrifying (almost three times the legal limit). Here is what I was looking at with my BAC: 

Mandatory jail time 

Three years probation 

Driver’s license loss; breathalyzer for nine months after re-instatement 

SR-22 insurance for three years 

Loss of my pilot’s license (luckily, not used for work) 

The forever record of a DUI when employers do a background search  

Mr Cessna has incredible knowledge of all aspects of DUI and because of this, these were my outcomes: 

DMV Hearing: My license my re-instated after Mr. Cessna presented case law that the arrest was not legitimate, the DMV/ administrative hearing officer found in my favor. I got my license back.  I did not have to pay for a breathalyzer or extra SR22 insurance for three years. HUGE! IN addition, Mr. Cessna discovered that the blood draw may have not been done accurately which could be used in court down the road.  

JeffCo Criminal Hearing: It took two motions hearings to present my entire case and get all the judges questions answered. My Cessna fought to suppress all facts found after the police activated their lights in my first motions hearing; after thinking it over the Judge wanted a bit more details about the driveway arrest so a second motions hearing was scheduled. As that hearing drew to a close even the DA agreed and recommended a case dismissal . The Judge agreed. Case Dismissed.  This absolutely would not have happened without Mr. Cessna’s expertise, patience, willingness to seek advice of his peers (in my case) and fight for my rights.  

Mr. Cessna supported me through every single step of a very, very terrifying legal situation. I honestly think he is an angel who gave me back many years… and that is immeasurable.  I will forever be in  gratitude. 

-A Satisfied Client