First-Time DUI Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Facing a first-time DUI charge can be particularly distressing, especially for those unfamiliar with the legal system. Attorney Chris Cessna is the only defense attorney in the state of Colorado who is an NHTSA-certified instructor in the administration of standardized field sobriety tests. 

As your first-time DUI offense lawyer, he will meticulously examine all aspects of your case, from the initial traffic stop to the administration of field sobriety and breath tests, ensuring that your rights are upheld at every stage.  

By scrutinizing the actions of law enforcement and the accuracy of the testing equipment, he can identify any procedural errors or legal violations that could be pivotal in your defense. 

The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna provides unparalleled DUI defense services to individuals across Denver, Jefferson County, Douglas County, Boulder County, Arapahoe County, and Adams County. Contact the firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn how Attorney Chris Cessna can help you pursue your best result.  

Colorado DUI Laws and Penalties for First-Time Offenders

A first-time DUI conviction carries significant penalties that can substantially impact your life. With extensive experience in DUI defense, Attorney Chris Cessna will craft a robust defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your case. He will explore all potential avenues for reduced sentencing, alternative penalties, or even dismissal of charges by leveraging procedural flaws or advocacy for rehabilitation and treatment programs. 

In Colorado, the laws are stringent and the penalties for a first-time DUI offense can include: 

  • Fines: Up to $1,000

  • Jail time: Five days to one year in county jail

  • License suspension: Nine months

  • Community service: 48 to 96 hours

  • Probation: Up to two years

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Does Your License Automatically Get Suspended After a DUI?

One of the immediate concerns many individuals have is whether their driver's license is automatically suspended following a DUI arrest. The short answer is not necessarily, but the process moves quickly. Here's what you need to know: 

In Colorado, a DUI arrest initiates a two-pronged process: administrative and criminal.  

The administrative process is handled by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Following your arrest, you are given a notice of revocation, which triggers administrative actions against your driving privileges. You have only seven days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV hearing to contest the license suspension.

Failure to do so will result in an automatic suspension of your driver's license. This hearing is not related to the criminal court process and focuses solely on the legality and circumstances of the traffic stop and arrest, such as whether the officer had probable cause and if the breathalyzer or blood test was administered correctly. 

The criminal process, on the other hand, is conducted through the court system. After your arrest, you will be required to appear in court to face the DUI charges filed against you. This process includes arraignment, pre-trial conferences, plea negotiations, and potentially a trial.

At the arraignment, you will be formally charged and asked to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The court will address various aspects of the case, including the examination of evidence, witness testimonies, and any procedural issues raised by your defense attorney. 

Attorney Cessna's dual expertise in administrative and criminal DUI defense ensures a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your rights. He meticulously prepares for DMV hearings to contest license suspensions and builds a strong defense against criminal charges.  

Tailored Legal Strategies

The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna believes in providing personalized legal counsel that addresses the unique circumstances of each client. Unlike larger firms where clients may feel overlooked, Attorney Chris Cessna's office is here to give you the individualized attention you deserve.

He will take the time to understand your situation, investigate all potential defense strategies, and compassionately guide you through the legal process with respect and empathy. 

Yes, You Should Fight Your DUI

Many individuals believe that once they've been charged with a DUI, they have no choice but to plead guilty. However, this is far from the truth. Various factors can influence the validity of the charges against you, including errors in the administration of field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, and blood tests.  

With over two decades of experience and a range of certifications, Attorney Chris Cessna has built a formidable reputation for effective DUI defense. His expertise as a certified DUI defense specialist has enabled numerous clients to protect their rights and achieve favorable outcomes. 

Facing DUI charges is stressful enough; finding the right DUI defense attorney shouldn't add to your burden. The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna offers free, no-obligation consultations. During these consultations, Attorney Chris Cessna will review your case, ask questions, and discuss potential defense strategies to ensure an optimal result.  

Possible Defense Strategies

When faced with a first-time DUI charge, you may feel as if there's no hope of defending yourself. However, there are numerous ways to discredit the prosecution's case and achieve a favorable outcome: 

  • Challenging the traffic stop: Your defense lawyer can argue that the traffic stop was invalid, therefore rendering any evidence obtained during the stop inadmissible. 

  • Discrediting field sobriety tests: You can challenge the accuracy and reliability of field sobriety tests, which are often subjective and prone to error. 

  • Questioning breathalyzer results: Your DUI lawyer may question the validity of breathalyzer results by examining whether the equipment was properly calibrated or if the administering officer was trained according to proper protocols. 

  • Uncovering procedural errors: If any procedures were not followed correctly, your attorney can argue that this casts doubt on the accuracy of the charges against you. 

Also important to note: exploring alternative penalties and rehabilitation programs may also be part of a comprehensive defense strategy. Advocating for these alternatives can sometimes lead to reduced sentences or probation, focusing on treatment rather than punishment.  

Attorney Chris Cessna leverages these strategies, among others, to craft a robust defense tailored to the unique elements of each client's case. Contact his Denver firm to start building your best defense.  

First-Time DUI Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Don't let a one-time mistake define your future. Trust a DUI lawyer with over 20 years of trial experience. The sooner you seek legal assistance, the better your chances of obtaining a positive outcome for your case.

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