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Drug Crimes

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    Drug crimes cover a broad range of violations that can be charged as anything from minor infractions and misdemeanors to felonies. From controlled substances – such as cocaine and marijuana – to prescription drugs and common over-the-counter medications, drug crimes may involve literally any substance that is unlawful to handle or abuse. Whatever charge you face, you need tough defense.

    Why Choose Mr. Cessna as Your Drug Crime Lawyer?

    • 20+ years in matters of criminal law
    • Licensed to represent you in any municipal, county, state, and federal court
    • Former prosecutor and DUI police officer
    • Extensive list of positive client testimonials and case results

    If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Denver, you need to seek the legal counsel of drug crimes Attorney Chris Cessna. Otherwise, you could be gambling with your future over one simple mistake.

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    Criminal Defense Firm You Can Rely On - Call (303) 720-7280

    Drug crime arrests can differ greatly from case to case with most of the variations relying on the kind of drug in question and what was being done with it. If you are convicted of any drug crime, though, you can expect harsh penalties including strict fines and excessive jail time. With the help of a drug crimes defense attorney from The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna, you can learn about and how to contest some of the most common forms of drug crimes, such as:
    • Possession
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Sale
    • Illegal use
    When you are convicted of a drug crime of any sort, it can have lasting effects on your well-being and day-to-day life. To avoid lingering and frustrating consequences, be sure you protect yourself correctly the first time with the experienced help of Attorney Chris Cessna.

    Criminal Defense Firm You Can Rely On - Call (303) 720-7280

    Attorney Chris Cessna understands that you should not have to suffer from the harsh scrutiny of the law over one simple mistake, or worse yet, one false accusation. The sooner you act, the sooner you can begin building a strong case with Attorney Chris Cessna and his compassionate legal team. They have a genuine interest in your well-being and a clear mission goal to defend your rights.

    Your defense all begins with one phone call. Dial (303) 720-7280 now to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.