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Violent Offenses

Former Law Enforcement Officer & Prosecutor Protecting Denver's Criminally Charged

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    Arrested for a Violent Offense?

    Retain a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience

    At The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna, the Denver criminal defense lawyer understands that violent offenses carry some of the most severe penalties in Colorado State law. Not only will you be facing extensive prison time and high fines if you are convicted, you will also be dealing with unfair social bias just for being accused. You need someone who is willing to stand by your side, no matter the circumstances, and defend your rights from beginning to end. Contact Attorney Chris Cessna today to begin the critically important process of building a solid case.

    What constitutes a violent offense crime?

    In order for a crime to be considered a violent offense, it usually has to carry with it some identifiable acts of aggression, or the intent to act in such a way. If a weapon is involved in a non-forceful crime, it could also be considered violent. Some of the greatest challenges prosecutors will face is proving that you knew your actions would cause serious physical harm to the alleged victim. With the help of Chris Cessna, you can obtain seasoned defense from charges involving violent offenses, such as:
    • Assault and battery
    • Domestic violence and child abuse
    • Rape and other forms of sexual assault
    • Kidnapping
    • Armed robbery
    • Breaking and entering
    • Vehicular manslaughter
    • Murder and homicide

    Stand with a Law Firm that Respects Your Rights

    Regardless of the violent offense you are accused of committing, you will likely be facing felony charges that could ruin the rest of your life. Relying on a state-appointed public defender is far too risky when so much of your future hangs in the balance. If you want a strong chance of success in defending yourself, you will want the help of Mr. Cessna. He and his firm have received numerous accolades and certifications that speak positively on their behalf, including:
    • More than 2 decades of experience
    • Personalized attention to each and every case
    • Favorable results for past cases
    • Appreciative client testimonials
    • Experience as a police officer for 10+ years

    The Prosecution Won’t Rest and Neither Should You – Act Now

    You don’t have to go into the courtroom unprepared and alone. Violent offenses require the careful attention and handling that only an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney can provide. With such an impressive history of success and an unwavering focus to his clients, Chris Cessna could be the best choice for you. To start your defense off right, contact the firm to schedule a free case evaluation with him and his team today.